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Mike Dean, Scarface, Billy F Gibbons, Skatenigs
Keith Richards, Don Was
Backstreet Boys, Destiny's Child, Lionel Richie, Debbie Gibson
Talking Heads David Byrne, Jerry Harrison
D.O.C., co-founder Death Row Records
Destiny's Child, the original group
Destiny's Child, Beyoncé
Destiny's Child
James Hoover and Chamillionaire
Stones Sax Man Bobby Keys and Stones Producer Mr. Jimmy Miller
Frankie J
Placido Domingo
ZZ Top
The Mighty Orq
Paige Lewis
George Clinton, Bushwick Bill
Hakeem Olajuwan
Shaq, Scarface, Cody Coe, N.O. Joe
Trick Daddy
Neil Young with Train set at Broken Arrow Ranch
Frank Zappa and Mark Pinske at UMRK
Norbert Putnam and I at the Bennet House, Franklin, TN
Billboard's #1 R&B Studio 2000